Our People

Thomas Smith

MSc - Environmental Scientist

Thomas Smith is an environmental scientist with specialization in data science and ecological systems. His environmental consulting experience spans the various stages of a project life-cycle, for environmental impact assessments, permitting, offsetting, and monitoring. With a background that is interdisciplinary in nature, Thomas’s outside-the-box way of thinking is leveraged to problem-solve while accounting for the complexities of our current world. He is a key team member in projects that require quantitative approaches, particularly with complex designs and large and/or challenging datasets.

Thomas received a Master of Science degree in Oceans and Fisheries from the University of British Columbia (Vancouver). His thesis explored the ecological role of variability in stream environments for Pacific salmon with a focus on channel hydraulics and hydrology. Through this work, Thomas honed his skills in working with large datasets, thinking across spatio-temporal scales, and communicating effectively. Prior to this, Thomas obtained a BSc (Combined Honours) in Marine Biology and Environment, Sustainability, and Society from Dalhousie University, and a technical diploma in Fisheries and Aquaculture from Vancouver Island University.

In his free time, Thomas can be found playing in nature or pursuing one of his many creative endeavours.