Risk Assessment

Relying on Sound Science and Regulatory Frameworks to Support Decision-Making

Human health and ecological risk assessment is a core service of Azimuth. Our work is evidence-based and responsive to our client’s needs, while meeting relevant regulatory guidance. We tailor the effort and complexity of a risk assessment to match what is needed to support decisions about site closure. Our approach for HHERA follows a framework consistent with current federal and provincial risk assessment guidance (some of which Azimuth helped develop).

The Azimuth team has proven experience in risk assessment that includes:

Designing and implementing human health and ecological risk assessments at small to large sites, across all land uses. This work usually includes multiple exposure routes and various ecosystems, including terrestrial, freshwater and marine environments.

Leading field work in support of risk assessments at large, complex industrial sites with multiple contaminant sources, including in remote Northern settings.

Applying expertise in risk assessment tools such as bioavailability assessments, food chain modeling and uncertainty analysis.

Advising clients on strategies for risk management – when and when not to approach a situation using risk assessment, particularly in view of current regulatory regimes.

Conducting third-party reviews of risk assessments for complex sites on behalf of regulatory agencies or third parties.

Our projects reflect the range of our diverse consulting services. We work in the fields of Risk Assessment, Environmental Monitoring & Adaptive Management, Environmental Assessment & Permitting, and Communication and Facilitation. Contact us to discuss your project needs.