We use sound science to investigate environmental problems and support decision-making.

Providing innovative solutions for clients facing complex challenges.

We evaluate risk to human and ecological health from exposure to environmental chemicals. We also support our clients with broader skills in stakeholder communication, regulatory liaison, project strategy, negotiation, and permitting.

Our work is evidence-based and responsive to our client’s needs, while meeting relevant regulatory guidance.

We are a team of experienced and reputable scientists who provide environmental support to our clients within the evolving regulatory areas we operate in. Our team includes one BC Contaminated Sites Approved Professionals (CSAP) Risk Assessor and two Diplomates of the American Board of Toxicology (DABT). 

Risk Assessment

Human health and ecological risk assessment is one of our core services at Azimuth. Our work is evidence-based and responsive to client needs, while meeting relevant regulatory guidance. We tailor the effort and complexity of a risk assessment to match what is needed to support decisions about the project.

Environmental Monitoring & Adaptive Management

We provide a range of environmental monitoring services from routine field sampling and data analysis to complex programs requiring sophisticated study designs, non-standard components, novel sampling methods, complex statistical analyses and modelling, rigorous interpretation, and adaptive management.

Environmental Assessment & Permitting

We are sought after to support Environmental Assessments for proposed developments, and to support permitting at all phases of project planning, operations and closure. Our senior expertise in monitoring and assessing potential impacts of contaminants support decisions for new and ongoing projects.

Communication & Facilitation

Given our strengths in risk communication and regulatory policy, Azimuth is often relied on to engage with communities through a variety of approaches. This engagement enables community perspectives to influence the technical work being conducted and inform decision-making.

Our projects reflect the range of our diverse consulting services. We work in the fields of Risk Assessment, Environmental Monitoring & Adaptive Management, Environmental Assessment & Permitting, and Communication and Facilitation. Contact us to discuss your project needs.