Our People

Sophia Hsu

MRM - Environmental Scientist

Sophia Hsu is an environmental scientist with a diverse background in environmental toxicology, chemical risk assessment, and freshwater ecology. Sophia’s skill set includes chemical fate modeling, laboratory instrumental work, and ecological assessments. At Azimuth, Sophia provides support to teams working on complex sites, such as data management and analysis, synthesis of information and document preparation.

Prior to joining Azimuth, she received a Master’s in Resource and Environmental Management (MRM) from Simon Fraser University, where her research focused on perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS), one of the notorious “forever chemicals”. Her thesis introduced a novel approach to assess PFOS’s environmental risks through thermodynamic activity, providing insights into its environmental distribution, bioaccumulation potential, and guideline development.

Sophia has also worked along the St. Lawrence River, researching effects of microplastic on aquatic food chains and as well as studying ecological impacts of invasive species. She interned at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama, collaborating with local residents and scientists in addressing social and environmental issues.

Outside of work, Sophia can be found swimming, practicing yoga, or immersing herself in the wonders of nature.