Our People

Mehdi Aqdam

PhD - Environmental Scientist

Mehdi Aqdam is an environmental scientist with expertise in aquatic ecology. He has worked extensively on studies of aquatic environments, with a focus on fish ecology in remote northern lakes. His research has centered on environmental effects, ecological assessments, and mercury bioaccumulation to inform safety and security of food fish to local people and community partners.

Mehdi earned a Bachelor’s in aquatic sciences, a Master’s in fish and fisheries ecology, and a Doctorate in ecology and environmental biology. He held a Postdoctoral Fellow position in biology before joining Azimuth. Mehdi has collaborated with researchers and guardians and provided mentorship and leadership in academic and non-academic settings. Mehdi has a diverse skillset in program development, fieldwork, data analysis (including complex data exploration and statistics), and technical writing. With a proven record of punctual and thorough environmental studies, he plays a key role in project delivery.

Outside of work, Mehdi enjoys spending time in the outdoors but will most likely be found playing soccer as an escape.