Our People

Marianna DiMauro

MRM, RPBio - Environmental Scientist

Marianna DiMauro is an environmental scientist with over 5 years of experience in environmental consulting. She has an interdisciplinary background in ecology, environmental toxicology, and wildlife biology. Marianna typically applies this training and experience on projects involving aquatic effects monitoring and ecological risk assessment, often for the mining sector. Marianna’s role spans all project stages, from planning projects through to report delivery. She coordinates and reports on aquatic field studies and monitoring programs, and uses complex chemistry datasets to interpret spatial and temporal trends. Marianna’s strong organizational and communication skills are demonstrated in field programs, data management, and reporting, making her a valuable team member.

Marianna received a Master’s in Resource and Environmental Management (MRM) with a focus on environmental toxicology from Simon Fraser University. Her research measured biotransformation rates of hydrophobic organic chemicals in freshwater fish and contributed to empirical data to use in model evaluation.

During her time off, you will find Marianna exploring and enjoying the outdoors.