Our People

Ian McIvor

MSc, PBiol - Environmental Scientist

Ian McIvor is an environmental scientist with over 10 years of professional experience. He works primarily in the areas of human health and ecological risk assessment and environmental monitoring (focused on soil and groundwater, fate and transport modelling, water and sediment quality, and ecotoxicity studies). His experience spans multiple sectors, including oil and gas, commercial construction, pulp and paper, and municipal wastewater across western Canada and internationally.

Ian has developed environmental guidelines for various chemicals, including the soil boron criteria adopted by the Alberta Government in 2016. He is experienced in weight of evidence approaches in risk assessment, evaluating large data sets of exposure and biological response to quantify risk. Recently, he designed and implemented numerous environmental monitoring programs for mine and pulp and paper clients.

Ian is highly capable in delivery of complex projects where adaptability, personal accountability and critical thinking skills translate to efficient and high-quality work. He is an excellent communicator who thrives in collaborative environments with colleagues and clients.

When not working, you will find Ian at the end of a ski track or off exploring the mountains by other means.