Our People

Gary Mann

MSc, RPBio - Environmental Scientist

Gary Mann has over 30 years of experience as an Environmental Scientist in Canada and abroad. Gary’s professional skills include detailed quantitative risk analysis for aquatic and terrestrial sites, ecological modeling, design and implementation of field studies and monitoring programs, and analysis and interpretation of data. His ability to see the “forest for the trees” distinguishes Gary as one of those rare individuals who can cut through complexity and develop practical solutions.

Examples of Gary’s combination of technical and management skills include his contributions to risk-based strategies for managing portfolios of contaminated sites (e.g., Federal manned and unmanned lightstations and small craft harbours). He also leads several large-scale monitoring programs before (baseline), during and after (post-closure) metal mine development – these apply a robust, risk-based framework for assessing the environmental significance (regulatory compliance) of monitoring results over time. For the past 15 years, Gary has worked alongside the Azimuth team to apply a risk-based approach to closure (under Provincial regulatory oversight) of one of BC’s largest mines.

Gary is an avid sailor, as evidenced by his wanderings during a blue-water cruise (for over a year) from Vancouver to New Zealand, return.