Our People

Clare Kilgour

BSc - Environmental Scientist

Clare Kilgour is an environmental scientist with a technical background in freshwater and coastal ecology, and molecular biology. She has conducted surveys for monitoring projects in remote locations across Ontario and New Brunswick, primarily in support of Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Effects Monitoring programs for hydroelectric generating stations and the mining sector. Her current focus is supporting risk assessment and baseline monitoring.

She graduated with a BSc from the University of New Brunswick in 2021, having completed an honours thesis in developmental biology. Her thesis established a protocol for a novel immunohistochemical assay in the brain and retina of developing zebrafish. In addition to her molecular research, she supported the field research component of a whole-river ecosystem study on the Saint John | Wolastoq River, relevant to a service life assessment of the Mactaquac Generating Station.

Clare is happiest on the water or getting muddy, and a highlight of her time in the field thus far has been to watch Shortnose sturgeon leap, from the opportune vantage of a stalled johnboat.