Our People

Cheryl Mackintosh

MRM, RPBio, PBiol – Environmental Toxicologist

Cheryl Mackintosh joined Azimuth as an Environmental Scientist in 2003 after receiving her Master’s degree in environmental toxicology from Simon Fraser University. She specializes in Ecological Risk Assessment, leading projects that support clients in meeting their site management goals and regulatory requirements. Cheryl has experience working on a variety of sites including metal mines, harbours, petrochemical, development, and other industrial sites in marine, intertidal, freshwater and terrestrial settings throughout British Columbia and Northern Canada. Cheryl’s strengths lie in planning/framing an effective assessment and applying quantitative tools such as modeling, field studies and laboratory testing to assess contaminant issues at complex sites.

Linking results of a risk assessment to support a client’s risk management decision-making process is an increasingly important aspect of Cheryl’s practice. Cheryl has advanced her work in line with evolving standards of practice and regulatory requirements in BC. She is integral to developing in-house tools for ERA, such as metal effects datasets for deriving wildlife toxicity reference values, and a weight-of-evidence framework.

Cheryl co-authored Environment Canada’s Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan (FCSAP) Guidance for Ecological Risk Assessment (2012), including the TRV Module and Receptor Selection section. She is a member of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.