Our People

Brian Pyper

MRM, Associate - Statistician / Applied Ecologist

Brian Pyper, Associate, has over 20 years of professional experience as an Applied Ecologist in Canada and the United States, with a focus on quantitative analyses of fisheries and ecological data. He has worked collaboratively with Azimuth since 2008. He specializes in salmon population dynamics and simulation modeling, with broad experience in applying standard stock-assessment methods and evaluating alternative management policies for fish stocks. Brian also has extensive experience in the design and analysis of environmental monitoring programs and mark-recapture studies.

Brian’s interests and technical skills cover a wide range of quantitative methods in fisheries and ecological risk assessment, including dose-response modeling, time-series analysis, multivariate statistics, generalized and hierarchical models, state-space models, Bayesian methods, decision analysis, and re-sampling methods. Brian has coauthored 20 peer-reviewed articles and numerous reports on a variety of scientific issues.