Our People

Beth Power

MSc, RPBio, PBiol, Approved Professional (Risk)

Beth Power has been an environmental consultant since 1987 – her practice addresses questions related to contaminant risks – spanning risk assessment, management and communication. She has developed and applied environmental risk assessment frameworks in a variety of settings, such as watersheds, mines, oil and gas, ports and harbours, brownfields, and for risk ranking.

Beth tends to work at the interface between owners, developers, the regulatory community, Indigenous peoples, consulting professionals and legal counsel. She is trained in design and facilitation of group processes (e.g., meetings, workshops). Beth thrives on supporting clients to address complex, multi-party problems. At this point in her career, Beth’s forte is harnessing inputs from the parties involved in an environmental issue and helping them work together to make progress.

Beth is appointed to the “Roster of Approved Professionals” (Contaminated Sites Approved Professional, as a Risk-based Standards Approved Professional) and a member of the CSAP Governance Committee. Previously, she was on the CSAP Board of Directors and Chair of the Technical Review Committee. She is a member of the Science Advisory Board for Contaminated Sites in BC.

A highlight of Beth’s career is being a guest at a mine closure ceremony and Potlatch that honoured completion of remediation for an abandoned mine on an Indigenous community’s traditional lands.