Our People

Alena Fikart

MSc, RPBio - Environmental Scientist

Alena Fikart is an Environmental Scientist with over 20 years of professional experience. She focuses primarily on the areas of ecological risk assessment and environmental monitoring. Alena has successfully managed monitoring and risk assessment programs for industry (mining, pulp and paper, port facilities) and government (municipal and federal) in terrestrial, freshwater and marine environments.

Alena played an important role in developing a risk-ranking methodology for the Province of BC for abandoned mine sites in British Columbia.  She contributed to the development of federal risk guidance on Ecological Risk Assessment for Environment Canada and developed conceptual site model guidance for the UK Environment Agency. With others at Azimuth, Alena has been developing approaches to re- structure typical risk assessments to support clients’ risk management decision making process.

Alena has a reputation in our office for tenacious reliability in the face of challenging projects. Her strong organizational skills (demonstrated in field programs, data interpretation and statistics, reporting and communication) are evidenced by the key role she plays in project delivery. Alena has a MSc from the University of British Columbia with thesis work related to stormwater management.