Quantification of Potential Financial Liabilities from Contaminated Sediments at Multiple West Coast Public Port Facilities

Client: Transport Canada (For Hemmera Envirochem Inc.)

The goal of this project was to provide Transport Canada with a scientifically-defensible yet cost-effective means of quantifying potential liabilities associated with contaminated sediments at their west coast public port facilities (45 facilities where Phase I and II Preliminary Site Investigations have been completed). Rather than relying solely on sediment quality guidelines to characterize liability, which are often a poor indicator of actual environmental risks, Azimuth developed a novel, risk-based approach, which relied on available preliminary site investigation chemistry data and took advantage of similarities among many of the public ports.

While not a substitute for site-specific risk assessment, this tool was intended to help Transport Canada manage risks across those sites and identify where more detailed studies are needed. The data set has also been used by other federal agencies to help characterize potential risks at their west coast facilities.

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