Guidance on Toxicity Reference Values

Client: BC Ministry of Environment (Through Pacific Northwest Society of Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry)

Members of Azimuth staff are involved, with a team of risk assessment practitioners, in developing guidance on the derivation and application of wildlife toxicity reference values (TRVs) to promote consistency within the ERA community on the scientific aspects of wildlife TRV development and application. This effort arose from several meetings among the authors as part of a subcommittee of the Ecological Risk Assessment Advisory Group (ERAAG) of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC), North America. Project workshops were funded by the BC Ministry of Environment.

Guidance focuses on technical (not policy) issues including: aspects of data extraction and interpretation, selection of endpoints that relate to survival or fitness of organisms, extrapolation between species, and derivation of TRVs in the context of variability in chemical-specific toxicological data sets and species-specific variations in response. The goal is delivery of a peer-reviewed publication.

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